The Rest in the Battle

Featured on today’s post is a writing by Linda Wages. Linda has begun a series on The Warrior to help seasoned believers sharpen their armor of faith. She plans on compiling her messages into a book soon.  Her thoughts on the rest in life’s battle are quite interesting and valuable to every person who desires a faith that will not fail in times of need.


As I shared in my last blog “The Warrior”, the “rest” is in the battle.  Have you ever thought that the evil one will fight against us  —  even to the point of keeping us from engaging in battle?

Ask yourself, what is in the battle?  I can hear you saying anguish is in the battle, endless tears are in the battle.  The list is endless.  The thought of facing the battle terrifies us and we turn to run, never looking back.  But I have learned that when I am in the heat of the battle, when I am fully engaged, fully in the fight . . . it is then I become fully focused.  My only intent is to survive.

When I am fully engaged there is “no weapon formed against me” that will prosper or penetrate my drive or armor.  It is when I enter the fight and my mind is focused on “civilian affairs” that I am wounded in war.

So is the rest in the battle?  A warrior who is fully trained in his skills mentally, spiritually, and physically cannot fail; he knows the outcome is VICTORY!  So I “rest” in the battle knowing in order to gain the Victory I must fight!

The LION OF JUDAH is preparing an army of Soldiers like this, an army who knows that the rest is in the battle.  Therefore, I must engage.  I must be focused.  I see many who are being called and are engaged in this battle for the Kingdom of GOD.

Then David said, “to the Philistine, you come to me with a sword, a spear, and a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the LORD of the hosts, the GOD of the armies of ISRAEL, whom you have taunted.”

This is our cry in the battle!  Stay engaged.


The 23rd Psalm

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I memorized the 23 Psalm when I was a little girl.   It meant so much to me even then.  But, now that I am older, I realize the true meaning of this powerful Chapter known as the 23rd Psalm.  I would like to share with you what I have learned. 

He makes me lie down in green pastures

How many times have we been through stressful times when we did not know what to do?  I remember many such times.  But I heard God’s voice telling me to “lie down.”  Often, we don’t realize that we are walking in our green pastures, and we can’t see it because we don’t allow ourselves to lie down and be at peace. 

Even though I walk through the valley of death

The valley of death is just a shadow.  God is walking with us, guiding our steps out of the valley.  Keep following him and he will lead you to the mountain top where you will be able to find peace and relief.

God’s rod and staff will comfort you

Every shepherd carried a staff for the sheep and a rod for the wolves.  A rod is a symbol of authority and a staff is an instrument of support.  God gives us both.  He has power over us which means nothing, or no one person, or any situation can harm us, or take us from the love of God.  He will bring us through and support us through the valley.

He anoints our head with oil

The shepherd anointed the sheep’s head with oil for protection.  The sheep stuck their heads in holes in the fields which had serpents in them.  Because the sheep’s head was anointed with oil the serpent would strike but could not penetrate the sheep’s wool.  For us, the oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is our helper, who gives you the power to be able to go though the valleys and climb to the mountain peak.  This means we never have to walk alone, or feel like we have to do everything in our own strength, which is limited to us.  We can rely on God’s power that always is at work in us and for us.

But I must point out that the declaration, “I will fear not evil“, is what speaks to me the loudest.  Just to say it satisfies the soul, what a declaration of independence!  What a soul-stirring heralding of absolute truth.  Proof positive of the resident anointing of Faith in my heart.  To face perilous times with the firm and absolute conviction, come hell or high water, “I will fear no evil.”   The scripture states “the enemy goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”  The purpose of the roar of the lion is to paralyze his opponent; to terrorize them and to leave them  helpless in fear.  The animals that are able to stand in the face of  fear forget to run because they are terrorized by the roar of the lion.  If the devil is seeking for someone to devour there has to be someone who he cannot devour.  

I have learned the difference  that those that can be devoured and cannot be devoured is based on how we react to the roar.  When life roars at you and you react in utter terror, forgetting who you are and whose you are, forgetting what God gave to you, and you forget where God brought you from, then we become a victim for the lion’s dinner.  But if we remember whose we are and what we are and refuse to be intimated by the lion’s roar than we can evaluate where we stand and become the victor in the test.  Remember the devil thrives off of our fear just as God moves off of our Faith. 

The devil does things in our life to terrorize us.  Anytime the devil does anything against you, he will make sure you hear about it.  Because worse than the event, is the terror that rises up inside your heart because he is seeking whom he may devour.  But, our God sends us out as sheep among wolves.  I ask myself, why would God make me a sheep when he knows I have to walk among wolves?   And then,  not even allow me to fear or be in terror?   He also reminds me that he has not given me “the spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.”  God says “I am the good Shepherd.”  So whenever some thing comes against you to terrorize you, or intimidate you, never forget the 23 psalm.  Because the 23 psalm is a lethal weapon in the hands of a believing sheep.  Because it has Power to deliver!

Blessings, Erme

Shadows of strength …

Beneath the shadow of protection

I love sitting underneath a big shady tree.  From here I can see the world outside and hide from its view.  I consider it my sanctuary and shelter when things just don’t seem to make sense.  Here is where I can sort out and analyze life’s knotted picture and untangle the threads one by one.  My favorite tree as a child was the weeping willow.  My aunt had one in her front yard and to me that was the best hide-away a child could ever experience.  Underneath that big tree was space enough to pull in a table and chairs and have a private tea party.  Once my cousins, sisters and I  swung from the vines growing on the tree.  We all pretended we were swinging across some dangerous river when in reality it was only a mud puddle.  And when the wind blew, the noise of the branches and leaves swaying made a perfect whisper and it felt like God was walking in your midst. 

This day, I sat on the sculpture in the foreground of the picture above taking in the beauty of the pond, trees and plants just beyond my reach.  I listened to the birds singing and the water gurgling past me on its way to the lake.  I remembered the verse from Psalms 91:1, “You who sit down in the High God’s presence, spend the night in Shaddai’s shadow, ..” (MSG)  It reminded me that beneath His shadow I was safe and shielded from potential harm.  I can watch things whirl around me but remain untouched.  His strong arm shields me from trouble and I am thankful for this serene reminder of the Master’s plan. 

I encourage you to find a shadowed placed that allows you to retreat into a sanctuary of protection.  We all need to feel the peace that comes from underneath that shadow.

Walking in quiet places …

I love my quiet place… need the solitude to rejuvenate.  My time spent outside of it with people, the activities, sounds and visuals, give me much to take inside my quiet place to ponder.  My time in quiet is like the last-minute before your eyes shut at night… peaceful.  It’s my quiet place that brings harmony to my life.  If you are someone who likes to sing in the shower you know the feeling.  You are a rock star or an opera singer at your best while the steam and soapy lather enhance the setting and it doesn’t matter if anyone else hears you.  It’s perfect for restoration of soul and body.  This quiet place is one where I will share my thoughts, dreams and visions.  Some days I will tell you a story, give advice (more like good opinions) or share some interesting facts.  All told to give you something to reflect upon and perhaps bring peace to a weary soul. 

As a very young child I would often get up at the break of dawn and sit outside on the stoop of the back door and just watch the birds fly, the ants crawl or play with one of the family pets.  I loved the warmth of the sun on my legs and arms and how the light created a place of blissful solitude for me before the rest of the world awakened.  At night I would again sit out back and watch the night sky come to life.  The evening was the soft blanket of serenity that closed my mind’s activities for the day.  Once, however no one really believes me to this day, I saw a comet streak across the sky just right over my head.  I vividly recall the bright white light, the fist it made and the tail streaming behind.  That was glorious!  I lay in bed that night replaying its beauty until I fell asleep.

Anyways, I find my quiet place is filled with tons of things that must be shared with those who also love the strength that comes from internal reflection.  Next blog, I will begin with some thoughts I’ve written and would love to have you take back some ideas to your place for pondering.   In the stillness of it all, perhaps we can discover momentum to carry onward and bring some balance to our world.  

Psalms 46:10