Once a warrior always a warrior


A warrior’s weapon is the Sword of the Spirit! Photo source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Once a warrior always a warrior. In times past the warrior had to fight for his family to maintain or gain freedom.  He had to bring himself within striking distance of his enemy’s weapon.  Thus, to fight he had to risk his own life.  Death was a daily occurrence (powerful and important to understand).

Our enemy today is no less dangerous and skillful.  Our enemy today is first and foremost in the battlefield of our mind.  He tries to remove our freedom in God by opposing our spiritual values.  Sometimes our enemy is laziness, or our fears.  My enemy tells me I can’t accomplish something and there is no point to even try.  My enemy tells me not to stand up for what I believe in because it is unpopular, or to hide my values because they aren’t the “norm”.The modern day warrior examines his past and wonders whether he has done enough up to this point for the kingdom of God; if he is worthy of the challenge that lies ahead of him.

We as modern day warriors are similar to the ancient warrior.  Although our enemies are not as they once were, we still fight every single day.  We battle because that is our calling.  If you want to make a difference in the kingdom of God, you have to fight, slay, and conquer the spiritual forces wanting you to remain in bondage. Their goal is for you to quit combat.  To live you must fight!  It is better to live one day as a lion than a thousand as a lamb. These turbulent times dictate that we cannot remain in laziness and bondage if we are to learn our weapons of warfare.  The warrior of God must fight!  Only a man who wakes up knowing this is prepared to face it and can call himself a warrior of God.

Fear of the battle is a good thing, it sharpens our awareness to the enemy’s next attack.  Weakness does not exist anywhere in the definition of a true Warrior of God .  Moments of weakness of course, but not someone whose “essence” is weakness.  We can feel the pain and anguish as we push forward in our pursuit of becoming one of God’s warriors; but, also the satisfaction of growing stronger increases with each victory.  You will be challenged to the death in some battles, but you will gain the respect of a  seasoned Warrior.

Learn the skills that remove the fear and doubt.  Quitting isn’t in the vocabulary of one of God’s warriors.  You create that endurance in your mind, body, and spirit, through the intense and heated study of God’s word, only then can you face the forces of hell that rally you to quit.  PUSH your spirit, your will, and mind through the battle … to go further … to be more focused on inflicting a mortal wound to the enemy you are fighting.  Work harder at becoming that Warrior of God.  In the kingdom of God, it is those that refuse to quit that succeed.  Endure hardships not because you have no other options, but with the focus that  these hardships are what make you one of God’s Seasoned Warrior’s.  It’s the hard times, that one day, will bring you to that place of VICTORY, SUCCESS and COURAGE in your spiritual battle.  EMBRACE them!  Rejoice that they are yours and no one else’s.  These long  hard roads are where the lessons are learned and God’s Warriors are trained.  What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Shalom, Linda

Walking through foggy places …

Faith is walking forward even though the view is foggy.

Growing up in Indiana you were guaranteed a certain number of school delays due to fog.  This was great for us kids.  We would go outside and run through the mist enjoying the soft wet cloud cover.  As you grew up the reality of foggy danger set in and suddenly, it was not such a welcome to your day.  Once I remember traveling back home with my family to visit my parents in Indiana and we hit fog about an hour from their home.  The further we traveled the darker and more dense the cloud cover became.   We were going forward at a rate of 5 miles per hour and praying for safety. The headlights were no help as they only caused a glare.  We hoped we would not run into someone ahead or worse …  that some careless driver would come from behind at a high-speed and hit us. 
Today we have fog here in Florida.  What a surprise.  I haven’t seen fog this thick in years but nevertheless, here it is.  It reminded me of the fear I experienced driving through fog back home.  I asked myself what was the real fear of not being able to see what’s ahead? 
I am a person who plans ahead.  I must have all my ducks in a row, all my files organized, my day planned or I will not be able to function properly.  Sometimes I drive my husband crazy with my planning. Before I drive any place new, I get on the internet and locate it on the map, print out the directions  and I take my GPS with me.  Am I too structured?  Maybe.  However, I’ve learned through the years the secret of overcoming “fear of the unknown”. 
I read in Hebrews 11, “by an act of faith, he turned his heel on Egypt, indifferent to the king’s blind rage. He had his eye on the One no eye can see, and kept right on going.”  (MSG)  This was Moses, the great leader, making a decision to go forward even though he couldn’t see what was ahead.  He knew the one that called him was leading him to a better place.  A place of peace and abundance of life.  It wasn’t easy but he obeyed and followed.
In life our journey goes along curvy, bumpy, low and high places.  Most of the time we see clearly or at least can see what’s coming at us from a distance.  When the path becomes cloudy, we experience panic, frustration, fear and loneliness.  If we put our trust in “the One no eye can see” we will see beyond the fog.  He promises to guide us through to the other side where the sun shines brightly.  He knows what is beyond the fog and going through the fog builds our trust in Him. 
As I look outdoors, I can see the fog has lifted and a bright spot of blue appears in the distance.  I’ve had many foggy days, spiritually speaking, and some are more faith-filled than others but I’ve learned that He never leaves me in the fog.