A Princess Tattered and Torn

A princess battles outside the Kingdom. (source: photobucket.com)

Most of the fairy tales I enjoy have princess characters who are beautiful heroines.  Cinderella and Snow White are two that endured hardships, but found new hope and friends along their journey.  I admire the princesses of Lord Of The Rings movies for their stamina and bravery in fighting battles and standing for justice.  A princess in a fairy tale story always has a happy ending to her plight, but does a real life princess ? 

What is a princess? Freedictionary.com defines a princess as a woman having sovereign power, born into royalty, a woman having the status or qualities of a princess. 

Did you know that as a female believer in Christ, you are a princess? I refer to the following verse as proof:

Now I confer on you the royal authority my Father conferred on me so you can eat and drink at my table in my kingdom and be strengthened as you take up responsibilities among the congregations of God’s people. (Luke 22: 28-30, MSG)

Note the phrase at the end, “as you take up responsibilities among the congregations…” What does that mean?  A princess has duties and obligations within her role.  The title is given, but with it comes training on how to carry it with respect, honor and strength to rule.  It also means that you must experience how the people think and live in order to rule with wisdom.  The King will set a plan for your growth and set a path for your journey.  Jer 29:11 states, “I have it all planned out — plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

You cannot train for life sitting on fluffy pillows while drinking tea and eating bonbons.  That is a pleasure indeed, but real life lessons are acquired during times of battle and that usually means leaving the safety of the kingdom.  It means arming yourself in full battle gear, fighting dragons and suffering.  You will be tattered and torn.  Only through this experience will you know how to help those around you.  You will relate to what they are thinking and how to calm them, to show them peace.  When you return to the castle, you will dance a victory dance for all to see and rejoice with you.  

Dance, dance, dear Shulammite, Angel-Princess!  Dance, and we’ll feast our eyes on your grace! Everyone wants to see the Shulammite dance her victory dances of love and peace.  (Song of Solomon: 6: 13, MSG)

Sometimes it feels like we are constantly out in the vallies fighting enemies.  Many are unseen to us.  Not only do we experience pain, but we see the hurts and pain of the people who look to us for help.  We smell and know fear.   Evil surrounds us, tears at us and waits for us to fall. 

She was wearing a long-sleeved gown. (That’s how virgin princesses used to dress from early adolescence on.)  Tamar poured ashes on her head, then she ripped the long-sleeved gown, held her head in her hands, and walked away, sobbing as she went. (2 Samuel: 13:19, MSG)

Princess, you will always hear the voice of the King guiding you, encouraging you and strengthening you on this path.  He will send a special troop of soldiers to defend you when needed.  You will never be totally alone.  Your training period will only last long enough to make you a true princess.  One who can reign with wisdom and power, but yet know how to love and show compassion.  When you return to the King’s castle, you will receive a royal welcome and be clothed with beauty. 

“Her wedding dress is dazzling, lined with gold by the weavers; all her dresses and robes are woven with gold.  She is led to the king, followed by her virgin companions.  A procession of joy and laughter! A grand entrance to the King’s palace! (Psalm 45: 13-15, MSG)

The fairytale princess has her happy ending, and the real life princess does too!



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