The King’s Table

Always keep fresh Bread of the Presence on the table before me.  Exodus 25:30 (MSG)

The King’s Table serves fresh bread that strengthens the spirit. (source:

I love fresh bread.  When we were younger, my husband would make loaves of fresh bread almost every weekend.  The smell of the bread baking in the oven was intolerable for me.  I could hardly wait to enjoy a slice with just a pat of butter and some tea.  We would often enjoy a slice while sitting in front of our fireplace during a cold winter evening.  Somehow the fresh warm bread and the long chats into the night helped us to bond and grow together as a couple. 

If you have ever read a book from the series The Lord of The Rings you know the quaint habits of the dear little hobbits.  They ate quite frequently throughout the day, but mostly enjoyed a fresh loaf of bread, some cheese and a cup of tea.  In the same respect, the Bible mentions meals that make your mouth water.  For example, Abigail prepared a grand meal for David and his men as follows: “She took two hundred loaves of bread, two skins of wine, five sheep dressed out and ready for cooking, a bushel of roasted grain, a hundred raisin cakes and two hundred fig cakes.”   This was a feast! 

When you dine with companions, it is a time to enjoy each other’s company.  The feast is well prepared and the table set in preparation of good fellowship.  Usually, people will tell stories, have some great laughs and may even share some sorrows. 

Have you ever had stale, crusty, old bread?  It leaves your mouth dry and stomach empty.  It is hard to swallow, in fact you may choke on the crumbs.  Better to toss it out than to continue to digest it.  Yet, some people eat crusty old bread when they dine with their companions.  It is served at every feast. 

Lady Wisdom has built and furnished her home . . . The banquet meal is ready to be served: lamb roasted, wine poured out, table set with silver and flowers.. . Come with me, oh come, have dinner with me!  I’ve prepared a wonderful spread – fresh-baked bread, roast lamb, carefully selected wines.  Leave your impoverished confusion and live!  Walk up the street to a life with meaning.” Proverbs 9: 1-6 (MSG)

Doesn’t this sound like a table set for a king?  It is a table set by The King in this excerpt.  It is Wisdom’s home and it is He that is actually inviting us to come and dine with  him.  He invites us; come eat fresh bread and learn of me.  You will not go away hungry, but full and satisfied.  Your mind will be renewed.

I believe that God’s plan for you is to enjoy fresh bread in his presence.  He made food (bread) to sustain you through life’s daily walk.  With each meal your body and spirit is revived, strengthened and able to accomplish your task.  If you spend your time at the King’s table, chatting about frivolous concerns and meaningless stories, your bread (heart) will harden right before you.  Do now allow Darkness a place at the table nor share any of the fresh bread that strengthens the soul. 

The next time you enjoy a meal with friends or family, take a slice of fresh bread with a little butter or honey and enjoy the presence of  The King.  He’s has set the table and expects you to walk away a much stronger person!




Definition of Restriction (Limitation): 

1)   The act of limiting or the state of being limited

2)   a shortcoming or defect

God wants us to enlarge ALL our territories. For me, I feel it is time to have an enlargement that pertains to life and goodness.  Have you ever had a season where you felt you couldn’t  fully enter into all God has for you because of limitations?  “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the fullest.” God has made a way for us to walk in the fullness of all He has released to us. He also made a way for us to walk in complete freedom of limitations.

John 8:36   So if the Son of Man sets you  free, you will be free.

We must not allow wrong thinking and mindsets to govern what we perceive to be effective.  If we do, we lose sight of the living reality that is before us.

I know in my case, I have read the Bible in bits and pieces all my life.  I never thought for a minute that the limitation I was allowing to take root in my life for so many years was because of my ignorance and lack of  motivation (I choose to call it laziness).  I always felt like just hearing the word from different speakers or my minister was supposed to somehow give me the security and protection I needed to protect me from others and myself. 

But I now realize that this was a very dangerous position for any child of God to be in. 

As you would guess, my limitations were always that God cannot, but I can!  Always wanting and expecting that God should do it, and being so angry with him when results were not delivered. Never allowing God to put his limitations on my life because they meant bondage to me.  Only going so far with him, and only as long as God did not demand anything I did not want to freely give him. 

These were some of my limitations in Christ.  But I finally realized, through the constant parade of  failures and heartaches which were in my life,  that this was a path to destruction.  So many times we accept mediocre living complete with limitations because we don’t want to plow a new path leading us to complete freedom in Christ. 

But freeing ourselves from limitations that have kept us in bondage takes commitment to his word and faith.  Christ tells us in his word that he came to set us free. What does that mean to us?  How do we apply this truth in our lives to achieve the knowledge and ability to practice it every minute, every second we are called to live as his children here on this earth?

To me this means simply what it states, “He has given us everything we need to live this life without limitations through Him.”   This means that I dig way down deep inside to understand this is reality.  It means the Christ who died for me is either Christ or he is nothing at all.

I have learned that if I am to live this life, I must acquire this ability to live without limitations which keep me from seeing the reality of this God I serve.  What ability am I given through him?  And how will I ever know this unless I become a student and learner of the Bible?

I now absorb and value the time I am able to sit and read my Bible.  Because it has become so many things in my life.  It is my history book, but it is also my manual in mastering life.   It is my book to discover how to be that woman of God to my husband.  It is my book to learn about my dysfunctional ways and how God delivers me from them.  It is my book that has delivered me from my terrifying fears.

I can go on and on but then I would take away from the journey that is now yours to take. 

I can promise you that the journey and the “free-falling” in Christ is a life that no words can express.  You want to experience life in its fullest, a life that you have dreamed and searched for all your life?  It is right in front of you. 

John 10:10:  God has made a way for us to walk in the fullness of all the has released to us.  He also made a way for us to walk in complete freedom of limitations.  Now, you become that excavator in Christ and search for the truth yourself.  If you are not walking and living in the abundant life, you need to find out why.



Dawn’s Purpose In Life

Look for the Dawn (God) rising in the east! (source: Erme)

I couldn’t sleep.  I decided to get up to make a trip to the bathroom and then get a drink of water, which is kind of defeating at my age because you just end up back in there again after a few hours.  Anyways, as I returned to bed I decided to check my emails, maybe there was something needing my attention at this early hour of the morning.  It’s amazing at how social media has changed our lives, even in the middle of the night someone is awake across the world and is already sharing their morning activity.  I reach for my iphone and push the on button.  Now, you should know that if you have come from a dark state of rest and suddenly have a bright light shine in your face that you will see dancing dots!  I then fell backwards, missing my pillow and hit the headboard full force.  Talk about pain!  I laid there rubbing my head and trying to adjust to the light.  Why didn’t I adjust the brightness on my phone before I went to bed?  This would have prevented my hard knot and temporary blindness. 

I believe the Lord was having a great laugh on me because I thought I heard him telling me, “And have you ever ordered Morning, ‘Get up!’ told Dawn, ‘Get to work!’ So you could seize Earth like a blanket and shake out the wicked cockroaches?”  (Job 38: 12-14 MSG)  I said, well if that isn’t a “Good Morning!” wake up call. 

Seriously though, I reflected upon how the sudden light was too bright for me coming from a state of darkness.  When we are walking in darkness or wrapped up in our problems, we can’t see the light.  Job 30, verse 24-31 states, “I expected good but evil showed up.  I looked for light but darkness fell…each day confronts me with more suffering.  I walk under a black cloud.   The sun is gone .. ”  Pretty bleak sounding, huh?  Yes, I have been there.  Feels like you are alone, friendless and forgotten.  Darkness is your cloak of safety. 

It is a fact, the sun rises every morning from the east.  God set this in order and it will continue until the end of man’s time on earth. God spoke:  Lights!  Come out!  Shine in Heaven’s sky!  Separate Day from Night.  Mark seasons and days and years, Lights in Heaven’s sky to give light to Earth.  And there it was. (Genesis 1:14-15 MSG)  And just as surely as the sun rises, he will rise up to meet you when you call unto him out of the darkness.  And what a glorious King it is that comes to your rescue!  Picture this: “God, my God, how great you are! Beautifully, gloriously robed, dressed up in sunshine, and all heaven stretched out for your tent.  (Psalm 104: 1-2 MSG).  This is the Dawn! 

Reflecting back upon my sudden wake-up call from darkness, I understood why it is that God slowly brings the sun up each day.  If he were to bring it up suddenly, it would blind us and cause us much pain. We cannot take the power of pure light all at once.  It is like recovering from the flu, we have to sip on soup before we can return to eating meat.  So it is, my friend, he does hear us cry to him from the darkness, but he must rise upon us at a slow pace. 

When you feel like all is dark around you, talk to God.  He does listen and will work upon your request immediately.  Remember that your answer is beginning to rise and will slowly come to light as time moves forward.  “Therefore wait for me,” declares the Lord, “for the day when I rise up to seize the prey (the darkness that surrounds you)…”  (Zephaniah 3:8 ESV)



Battle Scars

Within God’s love, your scars heal and you will know peace.

As I was sitting on the bench outside this morning, I noticed an old scar on my right knee, which I have had since I was about eight years old.  I vaguely remember how it happened.  I was playing outside, fell onto the driveway, and a bit of loose glass tore a gash into my skin.  I cried, no,  I wailed while my mother cleansed it with iodine and covered it with gauze to keep it clean.  After awhile, the scar healed into the shape of an eye, a small white slit,  and to this day it remains the same. 

Have the issues in life dealt you a hard blow, left you bruised and caused you great pain?  Have you healed, and how long did it take to heal?  Have you fallen and been left scarred?  I am not talking about the physical body but your internal spirit.  What has scarred you internally?  Here are some emotional issues or adhesions that may leave internal scars.  Perhaps you recognize the source of your wound?

  • Shame
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Feeling unloved
  • Hopelessness
  • Divorce
  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Financial burdens
  • Fear

Your adhesion may not even be listed above, but yet your spirit caused you to react to the pain.  Scars are the body’s attempt to heal itself quickly so that it can return to normalcy.  At times the body cannot heal the adhesion fully, in fact, it may not be able to completely restore the damage.  That is why the scar tissue stands out for others to see.  We heal poorly and the scar reminds us that we were hurt in action.  Did you know that some scars will cause pain long afterwards?  The pain is still within the tissue and will cause distress on occasion. 

If your internal scars are still causing you spiritual grief, you may be reacting by covering it up through destructive actions.  Withdrawal, overeating, anger, drugs, alcohol, improper sexual desires and acts, depression, etc. are all symptoms of your scar’s pain. 

I discovered scar tissue is poorly supplied with blood and that is why the new tissue is pale in comparison to the skin around it.  Then, I reflected upon the fact that when Christ restores our spirit, it is well supplied by His blood and the wound is wholly restored.  When a body is healthy, internal adhesions will sometimes go unnoticed because the body will repair itself well.  Similarly, when we are in tune with Christ, our body is healthy and wounds will not leave scars in our spirit. 

I do not try to cover my physical scar, it reminds me that time heals all things.  It reminds me that adhesions cause deep wounds and pain, but washing it clean and covering it with care begins the healing process. When people ask me about my eye-shaped scar, I tell them that it’s an old battle scar just for fun.  And then I tell them the real story,  letting them know it reminds me time heals all things, but most importantly how God was with me through the entire healing process.  I think my sweet Lord left that unusually shaped scar on my knee to remind me of His constant love and care over me.   The following verse reminds me that sometimes scars, like memorials, can be used to share how God works, even through hardship and pain.  It builds our faith. 

“In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones (scars) mean?’ tell them that the flow of the Jordan was cut off before the ark of the covenant of the LORD.  When it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off.  These stones (scars) are to be a memorial to the people of Israel (you) forever”  Joshua 4:6-7  (NIV)

Dear friend, if you have suffered a wound and the scar is still inside, ask God to heal you from the inside out.  He will send his sweet Holy Spirit to anoint it with pure oil from above and cause it to heal.  Be patient.  Have faith. You can heal from this pain. It may take time but it will heal, and the scar will disappear. (John 8:32)