Let’s Have a Parade!

Wow, who doesn’t like parades? 

When I think of a parade I think of the many parts it contains.  The floats, the bands, the queens riding in cars, the horses, the clowns; so many parts.  And what are your thoughts of, when you go to a parade?  Happy thoughts.  It is a time to celebrate!  No one is sad at a parade.  This is what comes to my mind, when I think of a parade.  

God told me “when you go through your valley celebrate in this manner.”

So I asked myself,  how can I experience this when I go through trials?  When what I go through,  my thinking is,  “when will this be over?”   But I realize that when God makes a declaration to me it is meant to be acted upon.  My first step was to find out what it meant to be a part of a parade and what happens at a parade. 

As I shared above, these were the thoughts that came to my mind.  I allowed the Lord to show me the process in how this was to be practiced in my everyday life experiences filled with stress. 


  • When we are travailing over a loved one’s salvation, or
  • A healing for a spouse, or
  • A child or dear friend that is very ill, or
  • When we are waiting for a job to present itself and you only have enough food for one more day.

I asked the Lord “where is the parade meant to be in these times?”  

But God revealed to my heart that within my own self the parade will never happen.   He showed me that there comes a time in our lives when we need to realize that only through His faith can we enter into such a time of celebration.  We can have great hope in time of difficulty when we remember that God knows our frailty.  (Psalms 103:14: For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust!).

In Romans 8:28 it says that the good that God accomplishes in our lives is our maturity in Christ and, ultimately, God’s glory. I realized that the outcome is ours . . . depending on where we put our Faith.  When you know your purpose, your focus cannot be shaken. 

Friends, when we go through every day trails, and we do, remember that God never promised us that we would not under go problems.  I realize that being here on this earth there will be valleys every day that we must go through.  Sometimes I look at others and say to God, “Why is their life so easy, God?  Why are they so favored to be able to smile and dance in you?” 

Duet 30:15:  Today I’m giving you a choice.  You can have life and success.  Or you can have death and harm.  I’m commanding you today to love the LORD your God. 

It is so plain to me —  it is an act of my will.  I can choose faith and trust, or I can continue to live in fear and maybe’s

God continually, through the His word, talks about joy.  He blessed the tribe of Zebulun,  “Be filled with joy when you go out.  Issachar, be joyful in your tents.  God states, the joy of the Lord is my strength.” 

I say, “either God is God in my life or he is not.”  I am experiencing this right now.  Sometimes it is a very, very small parade and other times it is a full-scaled parade with all the frills. I have to tell myself that my God is in control of my life.  Each day we are honest with ourselves, we know that there are situations that try our very soul.  Situations that make tears fill our eyes and our hearts break.  These are the very trails and valleys that we can cry out to God and truly say “I don’t understand one thing about this, NOT one thing.”  But, “I will fear no evil.”  Sometimes I have to grab ahold of myself and say  “you can’t do this, so the only avenue you have left  is to have that parade in My God.” 

So I let those tears fall and I raise my hands to God and say “this will not slay me, I will live my life to the GLORY OF God.”  And you know what?  God comes. He really does!  He comes to the parade and puts me in the Grand Marshall’s car!   It is your parade because when you give God the Glory . . . he will be the lifter of your head and he will walk with you through these questionable times.  There will be a “peace that surpasses all understanding.”

So let us have the parade.!



3 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Parade!

  1. I love this! Love that you are a follower of Christ! Jer. 29:11 is a very encouraging verse that I have stood on for years. God’s word is so inspiring and He is so faithful to show up at the times when we need Him most….in fact, He’s always there and always good!

    • Sheila, thank you for visiting the blog site and for leaving such an insightful comment. Yes, God is always there for us. Jer 29:11 is one of our life verses and has proven to guide us through many of our trials. On behalf of Erme and myself, may God continue to bless you richly. Remember to walk through those dark valleys as if you were having a parade of victory!

    • Thank you so much Sheila. My journey with Christ is a ongoing knowing that when I am traveling with him it is in pure love and commitment. God’s blessings to you. My prayer for you is that God will continue to show you his nuggets of gold for your life. And your journey will be filled with him constant grace and love for you. Jer 29:11

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