Shadows of strength …

Beneath the shadow of protection

I love sitting underneath a big shady tree.  From here I can see the world outside and hide from its view.  I consider it my sanctuary and shelter when things just don’t seem to make sense.  Here is where I can sort out and analyze life’s knotted picture and untangle the threads one by one.  My favorite tree as a child was the weeping willow.  My aunt had one in her front yard and to me that was the best hide-away a child could ever experience.  Underneath that big tree was space enough to pull in a table and chairs and have a private tea party.  Once my cousins, sisters and I  swung from the vines growing on the tree.  We all pretended we were swinging across some dangerous river when in reality it was only a mud puddle.  And when the wind blew, the noise of the branches and leaves swaying made a perfect whisper and it felt like God was walking in your midst. 

This day, I sat on the sculpture in the foreground of the picture above taking in the beauty of the pond, trees and plants just beyond my reach.  I listened to the birds singing and the water gurgling past me on its way to the lake.  I remembered the verse from Psalms 91:1, “You who sit down in the High God’s presence, spend the night in Shaddai’s shadow, ..” (MSG)  It reminded me that beneath His shadow I was safe and shielded from potential harm.  I can watch things whirl around me but remain untouched.  His strong arm shields me from trouble and I am thankful for this serene reminder of the Master’s plan. 

I encourage you to find a shadowed placed that allows you to retreat into a sanctuary of protection.  We all need to feel the peace that comes from underneath that shadow.

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