Walking in quiet places …

I love my quiet place… need the solitude to rejuvenate.  My time spent outside of it with people, the activities, sounds and visuals, give me much to take inside my quiet place to ponder.  My time in quiet is like the last-minute before your eyes shut at night… peaceful.  It’s my quiet place that brings harmony to my life.  If you are someone who likes to sing in the shower you know the feeling.  You are a rock star or an opera singer at your best while the steam and soapy lather enhance the setting and it doesn’t matter if anyone else hears you.  It’s perfect for restoration of soul and body.  This quiet place is one where I will share my thoughts, dreams and visions.  Some days I will tell you a story, give advice (more like good opinions) or share some interesting facts.  All told to give you something to reflect upon and perhaps bring peace to a weary soul. 

As a very young child I would often get up at the break of dawn and sit outside on the stoop of the back door and just watch the birds fly, the ants crawl or play with one of the family pets.  I loved the warmth of the sun on my legs and arms and how the light created a place of blissful solitude for me before the rest of the world awakened.  At night I would again sit out back and watch the night sky come to life.  The evening was the soft blanket of serenity that closed my mind’s activities for the day.  Once, however no one really believes me to this day, I saw a comet streak across the sky just right over my head.  I vividly recall the bright white light, the fist it made and the tail streaming behind.  That was glorious!  I lay in bed that night replaying its beauty until I fell asleep.

Anyways, I find my quiet place is filled with tons of things that must be shared with those who also love the strength that comes from internal reflection.  Next blog, I will begin with some thoughts I’ve written and would love to have you take back some ideas to your place for pondering.   In the stillness of it all, perhaps we can discover momentum to carry onward and bring some balance to our world.  

Psalms 46:10